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 Profit sites on the Internet have become many and varied, the most famous of which is the Russian sites for mining and profiting the Russian ruble daily, and a large number of scam sites in this field that work for a month or two and then close, we brought you today the top 10 earning website for free and collecting the Russian ruble daily for free.

top 10 earning website

Top 10 sites for profit from the Internet


One of the most famous and oldest sites for collecting rubles from ads and watching videos. All you have to do is install an add-on on the browser you are working on, knowing that the site supports most browsers Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera. After registering, installing the add-on, and entering account data, ads will start appearing gradually at the bottom right of the screen without any A nuisance where you can surf, work on the computer and collect rubles at the same time.
The site withdraws on Payeer, and the minimum withdrawal rate is only 1 ruble.
When you withdraw the profits you receive at the same moment without waiting for days to arrive payments
To register on the site, follow this link


A new Russian ruble mining site. Upon registration, you will get a helicopter that will mine for you automatically and you will find daily profits in your account.
You can buy planes to supply your profit in mining and withdraw your profits daily on the Payeer wallet to receive you immediately.
The lowest profit withdrawal rate is 1 ruble.
The site uses the money to buy planes in advertising and investment, so the commission comes to you through cloud mining of the ruble.
When you register from this link, you will get a free helicopter to start mining the ruble


The well-known and well-known bird site. The principle of the site’s work is to buy birds from the site. These birds lay eggs every hour according to the type of birds you have. After collecting the eggs, you sell them on the site to get gold bars that you can convert into rubles or dollars and withdraw.
The site supports many withdrawal methods such as Payeer, Paypal, and Bitcoin.
You can withdraw when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount and it varies depending on the withdrawal method you work with
To get free birds, you can register from this link


The site system depends entirely on the completion of tasks. The more you work, the more money you get. You can also download the program to view ads and install it on the computer. They also have an application to earn money and many means that allow you to collect more than 300 rubles per day
To register on the site, follow this link


You can get daily rewards, enter global competitions, collect real money and achieve your financial freedom, you can also win from surveys and perform tasks, browse ads, and many different means that the site supports to collect rubles daily.
It is one of the best and most famous sites and it gets more than 4 million visits per month
Withdrawal once every 3 days, Payeer wallet is also supported
Log in and register here


Most of your time passes while you browse social media for free and you waste your time and effort in making likes and shares for posts, so what if you earn money from your work?
It's easy with this wonderful site to earn more than 10 dollars for free daily by completing social networking tasks and earning your first dollars
The minimum withdrawal percentage is $7, and you can reach the minimum withdrawal amount is less than an hour
What are you waiting for? Register now and take your chance and don't waste your time, effort, and likes for free
Register with us here


Do you like games? Your phone is full of games? Play to just play? ... wait a moment
Play your best favorite games and don't play for free, the more you play, the more cash you will get. Play and collect your money
Do you shop daily? Shop and get cashback and get points converted into dollars
Do you like surveys? Complete all surveys daily and get money to add to your balance
After collecting points from all tasks, you can convert them into many gifts such as an amazon gift card, Walmart gift card, or you can withdraw them to PayPal
To get extra points register from our link


Click and win, enter daily competitions, and win more than $20 daily
The site pays per click and pays for each survey, and the more you complete the surveys, the greater your chance of winning the daily competition
One of the best survey sites
To get 1 dollar for free, register here


For every 1000 clicks you will get 3 dollars, how many clicks can you do per day??
Complete small tasks and increase your daily income
The opinion polls on this site are from the largest international companies that provide opinion polls for very large money
Start now with your first click on the site from here


One of the easiest sites on the list, all you have to do is register and enter the site to receive notifications of questionnaires, and all you have to do is complete them all and get your commission from the profits
Start taking surveys here

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