How To Get Approved For SendinBlue Affiliate Program

 One of the best commission marketing companies is Sendinblue, which specializes in email marketing, with a commission of more than $100 for each potential customer who purchases the paid plan and $5 for each potential customer who only registers and activates his account. The difficult thing in this company is accepting new affiliate marketers, so in this article, we will introduce you to step by step how to join their affiliate marketing program.

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How To Get Approved For SendinBlue Affiliate Program

What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is an email marketing solution that focuses on assisting businesses in growing and attracting new consumers. It sets itself apart from other email marketing providers by allowing users to send SMS marketing campaigns. Sendinblue payment packages are also unique, allowing any firm, regardless of size or marketing expertise, to use the service.

How Sendinblue affiliate program work?

Sendinblue is a company specializing in email marketing or e-mail marketing, and what makes it unique is that you will receive $100 for each customer who picks the premium plan, as well as $5 simply for creating and activating his account.

Tools You Need To Approved

In order to be accepted into this company, you need two very important things:
 A business email and a website with the same email domain with monthly traffic for this website
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To get the website and business email at the same time and at a price of $2 only, all you need is to enter here. 
Choose a name for your site and then choose a domain name for less than $2. After purchasing the domain name, you will automatically get a business email for 3 months for free, and this is enough time to enter the Sendinblue affiliate program

How to get approved on the Sendinblue affiliate program

After receiving the business email and website, we go to Sandinblue's affiliate page, choose Bloggers & Publishers, and then click Join the Blogger program.
Then you fill in all of the information and push the register button.
After completing the form, you will be sent to the affiliate website where you may activate your affiliate link. It will take 3-5 days for their affiliate program to accept your application.
After accepting the platform, you will find your link and you need to promote it to get your profits

How to promote your affiliate link?

To promote your affiliate link, you will open an account on this site >> CLICK HERE<< and collect points from completing some tasks via social media.
After collecting points, you will go to the jobs field and add a new job
In the title write a sign-up
Then at the bottom, you put your link and ask them to register in exchange for sending them some of your points
The more points you collect, the more referrals you get.

You can also promote your affiliate link in all Facebook groups that are interested in the field of email marketing
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