CPA Marketing: How To Use File Locker

 Content locker is one of the most popular ways to earn from CPA offers and most popular books, apps, and games are used as content to get high traffic and earn a lot of money from the internet.

In today's course, we will talk about more than one way to make a file locker and get many leads from CPA offers.

We will discuss how to get paid and paid content for free and make a landing page that you can publish on all social networking sites without being banned.

cpa marketing
CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing: How To Use File Locker

How To Find Premium Content

To get paid apps and games for free daily, we will use this site

All you have to do is log in daily and get paid products and download them for free.

As for books, you must enter this site and upon registration, you can get two books from paid accounts for free

You can use this link every time you want to register and get paid books for free

After you get the file you will use it to make a locked file

How To Use File Locker

We will go to one of the CPA platforms, and it does not matter which platform you are using, in order not to find it difficult to accept when you register, you can register on this site that supports instant admission for beginners, and also has a file lock feature to start working and making money

After registration and immediate acceptance to the CPAgrip platform, we use the content lock tool on the platform

Go to the right menu and choose monetization tool, then choose URL/file lockers, Create a new URL/file locker, accept the terms of service and click continue

CPA Marketing

1-template of locker: choose the best for your content locker 

2-name of locker: to find it later

3-button text: write what you need on the button

4-offer help text: write what the people see after clicking the button

5-header text: write on the top page about the file locker

6-locked URL: we add here the URL for the content

7-access time: choose forever

and click save, you see all locker here and click get a link, this is the link to the content locker we need to promote but we have one problem, this link is not approved on Facebook so how to solve this problem?

blogger is the safe one on Facebook, create an account on blogger and use the name of your blog. don't worry about the domain name now

go to the theme customize and edit the HTML. delete or code here and copy-paste my landing page code: Download here

this is the first step 

second, go to just paste the website and add a photo about files like book or app and write something about it under the photo and add button download photo, select the button photo and link it with URL of CPAGrip after clicking HTML code copy and paste it on blogger on the layout section click add and choose HTML and paste it and save.

How To Promote Landing Page

Drive real visitors to your offers

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