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Oribi analytics tools are better than Google analytics tools

Oribi is a premium web tracking software that aims to make web statistics easier to understand and analyze. According to Oribi, Google Analytics "Analytics" - you need to be a data analyst to really understand the best points of your data when tracking with Google Analytics. Instead, Oribi aims to supply your data with a spoon, figuratively speaking. Their goal is to make data more complex and event tracking accessible to everyone, even those who do not have data analytical skills.

Most people have heard of Google Analytics. If you have a website or a commercial, personal blog, you should be using Google Analytics to track your website traffic and get the Google Search Console to index your website, when you add new content. Now with Google Analytics 4 reports are amazing, a very useful analysis tool but a little different than Oribi. 

oribi analytics

Oribi, a rival to Google Analytics, is less well known. Really, many people have never heard of it, which is why it's hard to find reliable information about it on the web. Today, I'm going to compare Google Analytics with Oribi to see how they rank. If you feel that Google Analytics does not meet your needs and you are looking for an improved alternative, Oribi may be one of the options you are looking for. I will explain how Oribi works, what it is, what makes it different from Google Analytics, its benefits and risks, and whether it is worth the price. 

Oribi gets information to improve your marketing efforts and improve conversions! Precise setting and use, the proper set of features, and a smart algorithm for weight lifting. Oribi begins with the riding process. It is very simple and easy to set up, as web statistics should be for people with little data. So Oribi analytics tools are better than Google analytics tools.

And Oribi Attribute shows you all the contact points a customer had before converting to help you customize your content for each channel. You want to choose different models - and it is possible.

Comparison features of Google Analytics vs Oribi Analytics: 

oribi analytics

Which tool makes it easy to create custom, easy-to-understand reports, Oribi or Google Analytics?

Event design and tracking:

Oribi tracks everything automatically. Oribi is designed for people who want to be driven by data without investing a lot of time and money. Everything on your site is automatically tracked, unlimited, and unless you do anything. You have invested your time better in understanding the behavior of your guests and in improving your transformation.

Google Analytics needs some work. We teach our clients how to log in and read reports, or just send a report. If you want to track events, you can define them yourself, and changes to your site should also be updated in your GA account.

Event creation:

One of the unique features of Oribi is that it automatically tracks 100% of events on your website. This means you no longer need to manually set or code the interaction you want to track on your site.

Google Analytics automatically tracks page views. In order to track keystrokes, you must define the code yourself or in the Mark Manager. Events you did not specify will not be tracked. 

google analytics

Data tracking:

100% of your data is tracked through Oribi, without any restrictions. See a full picture of what is happening on your site. Your data is sampled by a large number of sessions, which only reflects the number of visitors to your site.

New Events History Data:

Oribi tracks everything from the moment your site is connected. We allow you to look back at the time of any event, from the time Oribi is connected. Events are tracked only when you have created them in person.

Google Analytics tracks all its data with a unique tracking code that you insert into every page of your website. This code is a subtitle of Javascript, or coding language, which is used in the browser's browser when visiting those pages. ... Each time they visit a site, the code tracks the information about their visit.

Powerful Tracking:

Each new or modified event on your websites, such as a different button label or a new page, is automatically tracked by Oribi. It's that easy! You will need to define new events in person to track them. 

Actionable Insights vs Raw Data:

Oribi is for everyone. It focuses on maximizing your results. Oribi highlights what needs your attention. It translates your data into possible data and helps you focus on what really matters.

Google Analytics tracks all its data with a unique tracking code that you insert into every page of your website. This code is a subtitle of Javascript, or coding language, which is used in the browser's browser when visiting those pages. ... Each time they visit a site, the code tracks the information about their visit.

Individual Visitor Data:

Oribi allows you to follow all the steps of your visitors. Oribi gives you access to a single visitor traveler to follow all the steps of his or her experience, understand certain behaviors within a fan or description, and point out opportunities with their email addresses.

With Google Analytics, you get access to individual tours. You see the pages someone is visiting. 

google analytics

Each Visitor's Tour:

Oribi allows you to follow all the clicks, form submissions, and page visits at all times for each visitor. Dive deeper into a particular journey and highlight behavioral patterns. You can see pages viewed by a visitor. Events are shown only if you have previously defined them. 

Applicant and Attribute Visitor Data:

In Oribi, you can follow visitor times from important fan steps or represent an interesting adjective pattern. Understand what led them to it.

In Google Analytics, 1 visitor data is not found in the description and is limited to page visits within the filter.

Event sorting:

Sorting a specific trip gives you the ability to enter different stages.

In Oribi, you can apply many filters, from the expected channels of origin, the device they used, and the country of origin, to any event they created during their time.

In Google Analytics, you can filter the trip by a few basic metrics, such as the number of sessions and the duration of the session.

Email tracking:

Identify your opportunities with their emails to better understand certain methods.

Email tracking is not available in Google Analytics.


With Oribi, you can build any style you like. Oribi Fellows allows you to build any path you want to explore. You can add any event or conversion goal as a step in your own way, create captions for all domains, and filter for specific segments.

Google Analytics attributes expanded with Google Analytics 4


Oribi Change the design and make it look like your report. It is up to you to decide which metrics to include and which to exclude. 

Google Analytics displays required suspended reports. 

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google analytics

Oribi vs Google Analytics:

Oribi allows you to create readable reports that show trends and highlight important data. You can add a description for each part of your report and present it on your site or display it to your customers. Lots of report designs are available, and you can add your own logo and customize your report.

Once you have created a report template, you can enable Oribi to generate a new report automatically every day, week, or month. You can also have Oribi send a message to people in your group or to your customers automatically. 

Google states:

Google Analytics also lets you create custom reports but focuses on raw data instead of using good images for a few points. However, you can be further defined in your custom reports by choosing what size (such as location) and metrics (such as jumping level) should be included. 

google analytics

Why Choose Oribi? 

If you are going to get lost in one of the big names online, you will need a good reason. We think Oribi is a good reason because of its many good features. The forum does not just shut down the basics, it can bypass Google in some areas. If you use this forum, one of the first things you may notice is the amazing dashboard. True, working with a variety of other factors is more important than beauty, but it is worth it, is it not? With this beautiful and attractive design, everything you need is neatly displayed in one place.

Next, the information you receive is easy to understand and changes can be made immediately as a direct result of this information. If you visit the Oribi website, you will see one of their goals is to make statistics accessible to everyone and their forum is a reflection of this idea. Oribi allows the user to capture, track, and create individual website visitor reports. The data shows where visitors are coming from, the landing pages they arrived at, the number and location of clicks, and the website tracker to follow.

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google analytics

Written By: Zoya Zee

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