Forms On Fire Review

 You have a project or a professional or private activity and you depend in your work on paper forms and documents that burden you with their number, size, and difficulty in accessing them.

You want to transform the old, manual ways of working into modern cloud apps for mobile devices so employees and customers have what they need when they need it - making work easy.

You want to shorten the time of accessing all your business data without stress or trouble and save a great deal of time and money, with forms on fire shorten your valuable time and get rid of your exhausting effort in reviewing your paper activity data.

forms on fire
forms on fire

Turn your paper forms into a mobile app...

The forms on fire platform allow you to transform your paper business or activity forms into a mobile application that eliminates all the complications of accessing all your important data with a high degree of security and efficiency. The forms on fire platform provide you with pre-made templates from the huge catalog or you can design your own template through the platform that allows you huge ability to customize your business template, as the forms on fire platform support the ability to fill in your customer list information, show or hide fields, as well as match your brand, including your logo, and the ability to send it automatically in any document format such as Word, Excel, and PDF.

The forms on fire platform are characterized by its extreme flexibility and ease of use, as you can deal with your business data through your mobile screen, computer and tablet and take your work with you even when you are not connected with the ability to assign the tasks of your team in the field without the hassle of moving from your place.

With forms on fire, you can always use your database on the platform or you can create your own database within the PUT data source architecture.

The forms on fire platform work perfectly with any of your favorite systems such as Dropbox, Box, Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Google Sheet, Google Big Query, including web applications dedicated to mail and more than 1500 other systems such as HubSpot, Service Now and many others.

forms on fire services enable you to use powerful task capabilities to submit workflow models and other tasks that change the way you work. From pre-designed routing to rule-based, user-defined workflows, no task will be left unfinished.

forms on fire is a single platform with unlimited features and depend in its design on making your business more powerful and dynamic by providing several advantages, starting with very carefully studied price plans that make you save up to 20 percent on the annual subscription, which offers you three plans that suit your needs, starting with:

-Standard Edition guarantees you unlimited storage with unlimited apps and a fully open API including support at $240 per year where an annual discount applies.

-Premium Edition This is the most widely used plan over the Standard Edition features unlimited entries with premium connectors plus workflow/task/dispatch features with document management at $336 per year with the annual discount applied.

-Enterprise Edition Allows you to increase over Premium SYNQL Enterprise Toolkit for MS SQL or MySQL Requires 25 or more users for large business volumes and large databases with a payment of $432 per year.

Why are forms on fire platform services the most unique and attractive compared to what is available in the field?

-Intelligently and continuously improve your business by delivering actionable insights to everyone with real-time mobile analytics. Make better decisions and improve your mobile experience with purpose-built dashboards, and have a unified view of important information to facilitate meaningful decisions and actions.

-Performance Analytics Use powerful task capabilities to submit workflow models and other tasks that change the way your business operates. From pre-designed routing to rule-based, user-defined workflows with data details and data concise to list hierarchy.

-Increased Productivity Enables everyone to get work done from anywhere, online or offline, with easy-to-learn native apps on any device.

-Real-time connections.

-Always safe.

-There are no code connectors.

-Logical engine is similar to Excel.

-Data from your systems.

-Barcode and NFC scanning.

-Share your designs No code.

-Hardware integration.

-Data from your systems.

-File attachments.

-Comprehensiveness of the areas and sectors compatible with the platform.


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