How To Make Money On YouTube

 Most of the ways to profit from YouTube depend on video montage and profit from Google Adsense, and you need conditions to activate the ads feature on YouTube

The conditions for activating earn money on YouTube are 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours per year

What if I told you that you can earn money from YouTube without any conditions without any subscribers?

How To Earn Money On YouTube Without Subscribers 

Earn money On YouTube
Earn money On YouTube

A complete course to earn from YouTube by promoting affiliate marketing links

Step 1- Search for trending products

First, you must have an account in the affiliate marketing Clickbank, WarriorPlus, or JVZoo platforms.

  For people registered in the Clickbank platform, we enter this site Click Here

we choose in the left menu CB New Products then click on the gravity 

Find the top gravity of products and write it on bloc note

  Persons registered with WarriorPlus and JVZoo

Enter this site Click Here and in the Big Launches find products and write it on bloc note also.

Step 2- Find Target Products With Low SEO Difficulty

After choosing the products, we go to this site 

in the case below entering a Keyword or phrase you need to put the name of the product in front of it, the word "Review" like the picture

earn money on youtube
Earn money On YouTube

Now find a product that has a search volume of more than 2000 and SEO difficulty low

Step 3- Make Video Review 

You do not need any video maker software to do this, just find information about the product on the affiliate page or on google. After collecting information about the product and arranging it in the form of points, we will start making a review video for it.

Now sign up Here Click New Video and just copy-paste your information about the product in the left box. Press the + sign corresponding to each of the information points about the product you are promoting, The site will automatically bring appropriate images of the product because it works by artificial intelligence, and moving the writing will increase the effect of the video and in the last, you can add music and then press at the top right of the screen on the publish button and your review video becomes ready for the last step in the free course to profit from YouTube without subscribers.

Final Step Share The Video

In your YouTube channel just upload the video you make, and in the tags section, you find the target tags here. Write the name of the product wants to promote with a word review.

The power of getting more views is the thumbnail, This is FREE Tools help you to make an awesome thumbnail of your video.

In the description, rewrite the same title as the video and put your affiliate link under it.

You need to upload one video every 3 days and you must be regular in uploading videos so that YouTube’s algorithms work to increase the visibility of your review and with targeted keywords and video thumbnails, you will increase the viewership and thus increase the percentage of access to the link that leads to bringing in sales for you.

𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐂𝐋𝐀𝐈𝐌𝐄𝐑: This article contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

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