Referral Program Ideas: How To Make 600$ Per Month On play Store

 Who among us does not know the Google Play Store.

The Play Store is the store based on the Android system for smartphones and billions of people enter it every month.

The Google Play Store has millions of applications and games and the competition has become very fierce to lead the search results.

Have you ever thought about using this point to promote your affiliate link? In this article, you will find a smart way to promote your referral program with which I earn more than $ 600 per month.

Referral Program
Referral Program

Referral Program:

For you, the best referral program you can start with is to make money online, and just follow to steps for these referral program ideas to claim your first earning online.

A very special site to promote applications and games on the Play Store or the Apple Store

Site features

Targeting a specific country

Targeting keywords

lower cost

Free plan 90 free installations of apps and games with less than 100 downloads that we will use to promote our link

To register on this referral program site, Click Here.

After completing the registration, you will find in the left corner of the page the referral link box to promote it

How To Promote Your Referral Program:

First, we create a new email, and the best is professional, not a Gmail, you can ask for a professional e-mail from here.

We are now entering the Google Play Store, and looking for new apps and games that have less than 1000 and better than 100 installed rates, so we can take advantage of the site's free bonuses to promote.

We collect emails from all applications and games that meet the conditions we are looking for.

Now we send a professional email to every email with our referral link, a professional script I am currently working on, you can download it from here.

Do the same steps on the App Store.

To increase the percentage of profits, we will place a comparison with another site to promote games and applications running on the same system as the first site with a change in the marketing plans.

We will put the referral link for this site also in the script

Features of this site

  • Get 20% money back of your order to your account or 100$ for your success story
  • Get 100$ for your Youtube review
  • Get 30$ to your account for Android forum review
  • Get 30$ to your account for a Facebook post

Click Here To register for FREE on this referral program.

Email Marketing: How To Send Emails

Now if you have more than 200 emails, it is tough to send 200 emails one by one.
Therefore, we use this software to send a landing page to an email list that you have collected from the google play store.

This email marketing tool helps you work fast and make time to start other ways to make money online like affiliate marketing.

To get more money and to increase your chance of people clicking on your referral link, I have a free bonus for you.
This website -Click Here- enables you to get free reviews of the applications or games that have sent your referral link to their owners, and you can add this website to the text of your email to get bigger results and get more sales and more money online.


There are more ways to promote your referral program and you just added one idea out of a million referral software ideas that are being promoted online and earn thousands of dollars a day.
Think outside the box and find your own way too.

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