How To Make Money On GTA 5

 Most of the people who play video games spend their time playing and enjoying the game only, and there are many of them buying games such as the GTA 5 game, which has been very popular with great media fanfare in gaming platforms such as Twitch.

Did you know that you can earn money just by playing the GTA 5 game?

How To Make Money On GTA 5
How To Make Money On GTA 5 

There are more ways to make money on GTA 5 online, and we will touch them all in this article in detail.

We have 3 ways to make money online

1- Selling the accounts

2-Streaming platform

3-Test Games

4- CPA Offers

Selling Accounts:

this is an underground method, you can not hear about it before. 

Yes, you can sell any account for any game also you can sell items, golds, or anything in the game.

You need to start playing GTA 5 or any game you love and grow your account, this is the only step you need to make money online and I will show you where you can sell these accounts.

These are the two biggest sites where you can sell anything gaming: accounts, golds, diamond, items, T-shirt... and more 

Registration is free on both sites


We have the 3 largest streaming platforms, and Facebook is the last to join this and compete with the biggest platforms in this field of games such as Twitch and YouTube, Gamers say there are more earnings on Facebook than on Twitch and YouTube.

Streaming Games on YouTube

First, you need to create a new channel target niche games especially GTA 5, and upload videos every day, add keywords thumbnail high resolution. 

There are two ways to make money on YouTube playing games:

1- Google Adsense:

After you fulfill the terms of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, you can start making a lot of money just by playing video games

2- Affiliate Program:

I use Gamefly Affiliate Program Click Here to join for FREE 
Simply add your affiliate link to purchase the game or one of the items in it, then sit back and watch your winnings rise every day.

Streaming Games on Twitch

To make money from Twitch, you must love a specific game such as PUBG, GTA 5, or any other game, play it professionally, and have a special name that you play on that game and use on your channel as well.

For the dream to earn money from Twitch to come true, the following must be followed:

Sell ​​goods and services: The user reviews the products he wants to sell through his account

Ads Video: It is one of the most profitable and popular methods on the Internet, and it is paid at $ 2 per 1000 views.

Donations: Getting money is easy and hassle-free

Twitch Subscriptions: User can earn money from Twitch with subscriptions; By elevating to the status of a partner to share with the site the profits earned from the number of views, but this is only achieved after the number of subscribers has reached 50, and these subscriptions are required to be paid at the price ($ 4.99, $ 9.9, $ 24.99), as it appears Option to subscribe as a partner after fulfilling the aforementioned conditions.

Buy Bits: They are stickers or GIFs purchased with real money via Amazon Payment

Ad sponsorship deals: One of the best ways to make money from Twitch is through presenting a broadcast or video that contains promoting the products of the companies that the user contracts with, and it is required that he have a large number of followers.

Streaming Games on Facebook

Create a gaming video creator page:
Stream gaming content( with game tagged) for a minimum of 4 hours within the prior 14 days
Stream gaming content for a minimum of 2 days within the prior 14 days
Have at least 100 followers on their page
The page needs to have been active for at least 30 days
These are Facebook's terms for starting ads on your videos and making a lot of money just playing GTA 5 online.

Test Games 

This is another way to make money playing games online, just sign up for free here and start completing the games test. It's easy, right !!
After completing the test, you can win GTGold and Exp after you have a specified number of gold that you can get by only completing the tests.
Convert your gold into a virtual Visa or MasterCard voucher in partnership with iCARD and XTRM eWallet!

How To Make Money On GTA 5

CPA Offers

IN this CPA Marketing case study we use the content locker:
First, you need to join any cpa network like CPAGrip, CPABuild, or any company you want to start with it.
After complete sign-up, you need a landing page for GTA 5 online and you can download it here for FREE. 

Now, you need one change for your custom landing page and upload it to the host website.
After opening the index.html file with notepad++ and find this <input type="button" value="Continue" onclick="call_locker();"> , change the call to action link content locker with your link, in this example I used the onlick option.

Save it now and upload it to the host. you can use a free host ( get free traffic but not good for you because if you are serving thousands of visits, your website will fall) or paid host ( this is the best way to get amazing results from the internet and I work with this company click here To get many great benefits )

To get more traffic, you can use social media or my best way! Only 500 visitors per day for $ 15 a month and that means that you can get 15,000 visitors per month, you can get a free 5-day trial to collect 2,500 visitors for free
Just Click Here to start

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