Affiliate Marketing Secret: How To Promote Affiliate Products

 In the year 2021, the term affiliate marketing has become very common among those working in the field of making money from the Internet, and many of them are looking for ways to promote products under the affiliate link.

How can you promote affiliate products for free? This question is asked a lot by beginners and can I promote for free or should I use paid methods such as Facebook ads or paid Bing ads ??

You will find the answer about affiliate marketing secrets in the following lines of this article.

How To Promote Affiliate Products
How To Promote Affiliate Products 

In this article, I will show you my secret way to make more than $ 123.33 per day promoting affiliate products on a 100% freeway.

How To Promote Affiliate Products for free?

The tools we produce:

  • YouTube channel 
  • Warrior Plus account
  • Vidnami 
  • Tags Tool

Step by step to promote Affiliate Products:

1-YouTube channel

Create a free YouTube channel, it's easy to do, and make sure to use a precisely targeted niche to do reviews of the products we'll be promoting before you start uploading the videos.

Choose the best name for your channel and the best description that includes your keywords for your niche.

Use Canva to design an awesome logo and banner.

You can get the most searched and least competitive keywords here.

2-Warrior Plus account 

Click here to access the registration page. Enter name, email, and password and click the Register button, confirm your account with a link via your email 

 In your account go to the top menu click affiliate then click Launch Calendar, Now you can see a calendar for upcoming products.

we use the upcoming products and ask to join the affiliate program.
In all products, you can see a view sales page Click it to show the page for information you need to create a video review for it.
You need to Create 2-3 videos per day and don't worry you can do it in a few seconds and I will show you how??


First, you need to create an account, follow this link to get a 14-day free trial CLICK HERE
Now you need the script to make an awesome video review, to get the script it's simple and easy, go to your affiliate account in warrior plus and choose one of the upcoming products and click a view sales page. Don't forget to ask to join the affiliate program.

In vidnami click Create a new video, choose content video and landscape format 16:9 for YouTube.
Add your script and separate each sentence and sentence with an upper space, if all is good for now then click create scenes.
the vidnami will automatically create your video review and add a target short video clip using your keywords in the script.

After your finish you can add your voice if you want or add music, it's free in vidnami.
Finally, process your work and download it.

4-Tags Tool

To get the target audience to your video review you need 3 things in your mind 
1-Best Content: We have the best content ( video review)
2-Good thumbnail: Canva it's the FREE best tools to create a good thumbnail 
3-Tags: We also have their own free website Rapidtags Enter the product name with the word Reviews and click Create. Copy these keywords into your notebook.

The Final Step

Upload your video to the channel you created in the first step
Add the thumbnail.
In the description include a short product description with its affiliate link
Below the description, add broken bullet points, and underneath it add the keywords
Add your keywords to the tags for YouTube
Upload 1 video every 5 hours.
You need to upload 2-3 videos daily


To get more views, likes, and comments you can use this website CLICK HERE

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