CPA Marketing: How I Got 93 Leads in 48 Hours!

 A lot of people think it's frustrating when thinking about working with CPA Networks, but I'm here to tell you that it's super easy. Today I'm going to show you a special strategy anyone can apply to motivate you and get you started with any CPA network.

This strategy will help beginners in CPA Marketing to start making money and expanding their business. It's a quick and easy process that takes a few steps, so keep reading to find out what it is.

CPA Marketing: Learn How To Make Money Online

I just use a CPA Marketing tool called a content locker that we find in companies like CPAGRIP and CPABUILD and any CPA network.

I create a link with this tool to put it on my landing page like PUBG, FREE FIRE, FORTNITE and after 48hours promoting this page I got 93 leads, you can do it every time every day and get leads again and again (I'll show you how to take exactly these methods).

 What is CPA Marketing :

CPA Marketing is the Cost-Per-Acquisition/Cost-Per-Action. It's a kind of affiliate marketing. It pays affiliates every time customers take a specific action. This procedure like registration, full survey, and more actions like that.

CPA advertisers pay you to bring in clients who complete a task Leads or Sales.

 What is a content locker :

Content Locker is a tool in CPA Networks that helps you promote offers quickly and easily. These tools create offers automatically in the country you're promoting in. You don't need to choose a specific offer or a specific country to promote. So you don't need to give specially targeted traffic to your link to get leads.

Content locker is to lock specific content that the customer needs and will not obtain it unless he completes one of the offers that will appear to him,

The offers will appear automatically according to the country of the customer.

How to use content locker :

To get the most out of CPA offers, we need 3 important elements

Content locker link

Landing page


How to Build a Content lock link :

On all CPA networks, we find and use a box called Content Locker, it's easy and easy to create a Cool Content Locker link with any CPA company you work with.

Build your link and save it in your bloc note

Landing page :

Today we'll learn how to create great converting landing pages with examples of Great Landing Pages (+ How to Make Your Own!).

A landing page is a page that takes your visitor to the offer they need, and you can create many such landing pages that you can only edit on. But today we're targeting the games category with ready-made landing pages for PUBG, FORTNITE, CALL OF DUTY, and FREE FIRE.

When a customer completes a mission, they receive gems and you get a commission 

How to change the custom link in already landing page with yours 

after downloading the page, extract this file with WinRAR, and in the file, click right-click on a file named index.html and open it with note++ 

On this page click Ctrl+F to find this keyword YOUR_LINK_LOCKER_HERE

Change it with your link and save the page that's all 

Download Links :





Hosting :

You can use free hosting or paid to host but let me tell you something if you are using free hosting and get more than 1000 views, and I will show you how to bring high traffic to your page, your landing page will crash and all of your work is down, so the best way is paid hosting. This is the best hosting you can use and it has many advantages, the most important of which are

FREE Domain Name for 1st Year

FREE SSL Certificate Included

1-Click WordPress Install

24/7 Support

And let me tell you this, you only invest $ 3.95 for one month and check out 93 potential clients every 48 hours. This is a cash machine that makes you money every day.

How to Upload Your Page in host
After login into your account follows these steps :
  • Click the Advanced tab from the facet navigation menu to the left.
  • Click File Manager from the submenu or below the Files section.
  • Navigate to the folder that you simply want the file to be uploaded.
  • Click on the Upload icon towards the highest of your toolbar.
  • Click the Choose File (Some net browsers can have a Select File box instead). 
  • Locate the file you wish to upload.
NoteUpload files after decompressing them

How to promote your landing page :

I will you the best strategy for that is social media exactly Facebook groups but I tell you another way also to grow your traffic fast.
Go to this website CLICK HERE and just earning points with complete simple tasks like Facebook likes or Tweeter retweets and YouTube views and more, after earning points you can add your landing page easily and watch you watch your dollar counter on the rise.

In the corner, you can see the green button add site/page click it  

CPA Marketing: Learn How To Make Money Online

In the Type select website hits 

CPC cost per click the high number the fast traffic you can get

The title is the name of your landing page

URL: is the Link for your landing page 

Leave the rest as it is

And click save that’s all 

Conclusion :  

Finally, I tell you that CPA marketing is not difficult to use but the most difficult is to target a specific audience in a specific country while choosing the best offers, in this article I have solved these problems with you.

Now tell me how much would you earn if you invested only $ 3.95 a month?

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